*Discounted Second* ‘Sampler I’ Linoprint

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***‘Seconds’ prints have minor faults, that are probably far more noticeable to me than anyone else. For example they might have a tiny mark on the paper, they might be ever so slightly wonky, the ink coverage may be a bit more patchy than I like or some finer details might be clogged by too much ink. I do not include prints with faults that I feel compromise enjoyment of the design, though obviously this is subjective. Please only order a ‘second’ if you are willing to take a little gamble, otherwise look for the full price listing. Your print will be chosen at random.***

‘Sampler I’ has been carved out of lino by me, then handprinted in navy oil based inks onto beautiful soft white 250gsm acid-free, watermarked Somerset paper. This design is inspired by antique Welsh embroidery samplers.

The printed image measures approx. 22cm x 19.2cm not including the signature. The paper measures approximately 38cm x 28cm, slightly smaller than A3. The image fits within an A4 aperture, so will look great in an A3 frame with mount.
A frame is not provided.

Due to the nature of hand-printing, each piece may have variations in finish.

Postage will be 1st Class within the UK and International Standard worldwide. If you would like to arrange a tracked service please add a note to your order and I will contact you with pricing.